DFW Fiber Fest

So the DFW Fiber Fest was April 7-9 and I did not register for any classes…oh the shame since this event is literally in my backyard (25 minutes away).  I just couldn’t find a class to enroll in that would suit my fancy. However, I have been having major mental blocks when it comes to my creativity for the past few months.  I am sure that had a lot to do with it.  The good news is that you can visit the vendor hall for $5 for one day or a $10/weekend pass. After a hellish Friday at work I couldn’t muster the strength to go to the vendor hall the next day.  Instead, I watched (stalked) their Instagram feed throughout that Saturday. Sunday came and I was refreshed enough to head out there.  I enjoyed the vendors and the folks were the sweetest.  I was bummed that I went by myself.  I couldn’t even cajole my husband to come with me..LOL!! No worries, I still had a good time and I had to high tail it out of there before I spent too much money.  I definitely will take a class or two next year.

Here are some things I saw there and my Fiber Fest haul!



Yarn Bombing at the entrance




Yarn Bombing around a potted plant



Yarn Bombing of a trash can




Crocheted blanket on display



Madelinetosh in “Video Baby”




Miniature food knitting markers




Miniature tea set knitting markers





Sheeple project bags from Erin.Lane



DFW Fiber Fest Bag



So true!!!



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