WIP: Baby Blanket

There is a family member that is expecting a little bundle of joy this June…a boy to be exact and I wanted to crochet up something quick in time for the baby shower.  Well, I accomplished half of my goal, the shower was a few weeks ago and while I didn’t have the blanket completed I did have two baby hats finished.  So unfortunately part of my gift was an IOU.  Life happens, even with the best intentions.

Now about the project.  I went with a box stitch for this blanket and it is also called a c2c (corner to corner blanket), which is very popular on the internet now.  The yarn I used was Isaac Mizrahi’s Colorways Merino blend.  This yarn is a blend of fine merino wool and microfiber acrylic.  It is really soft. The mistake I made was not looking at the care instructions before using this as a baby item.  The instructions were for Hand Washing only.  Now those of you with children know that is not at all practical. I could have kicked myself in the butt. I didn’t want said family member washing this blanket and then have it felt on her.  So I crocheted a granny square, placed it in the washing machine in cool water and washed it once on the Hand Wash cycle and once on the Gentle Cycle.  It worked! So I was happy for that.  The only drawback will be letting it air dry but even then babies have more than one blanket! 🙂  The yarn can only be found at Michael’s Craft stores and it is so soft and keeps its shape after washing. So I would recommend it. The colors I used were: Ivory,  Silver and Ice Blue.  I am hoping to finish it up by the end of this weekend…including weaving in the ends! Send me positive vibes my way! LOL!!

Here are some pictures:


Yarn Balls 2


Boye Closeup2


Baby Blanket

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