Hats and Other Projects

Recently, I have been toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop.  I see others that either have Etsy shops or sell handmade items through their Facebook page or even do both.  The thing that concerns me is will I lose my passion of crocheting or knitting if I do commissioned items?  I would like to think I would bow out gracefully if that were to become a reality.  So while I am doing research on this and on what platform to sell my items the bigger question becomes what will sell?  I mean I know what I like but everyone is not like me and people have different styles and tastes in clothing/accessories. For now I have been playing around with different patterns for hats and cowls.  I don’t know…I am pretty much building this plane while I am flying it. So we shall see what happens.  Here are some of my projects I have completed thus far:

Divine Hat and Ruffled Scarf

Purple Hat and Scarf


Two hats with pompoms, the gray one with strips is for a child

Pom Pom Hats


Slouchy Hat

Slouchy Hat


More hats with pompoms made with bulky yarn



Slouchy hat with cowl

Blue Hat and Cowl


Cowl….not too thrilled about this border

Autumn Cowl


Well that is it for now….until then happy crocheting/knitting! 🙂


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