Stitches Texas 2015

Long time no blog post….I know.  However, I have been busy working on projects that I will share a little later.  I did want to share my experience at Stitches Texas!  This is the first time ever that Stitches has come to Texas and it was held at the Irving Convention Center which is 25 miles from my house.  So I thought to myself “this is your chance to learn something new and to be around other fiber/crochet/knit enthusiasts!”  I was not disappointed and had a great time!  My only disappointment is that I didn’t take a lot of pictures but if you go to the Facebook page you can get a general idea of how the event is.  The classes offered were great, there is a little something for everybody.  I took three classes: No Longer a Novice Knitting Knowledge by Edie Eckman who is the author of the Crochet Answer Book I posted about in the past. There is a newer version of this book now. The other two classes were Four Play: How to Master DPNs and Hobby to Professional: Becoming a Designer.  Both of these classes were taught by Marly Bird, she does the Yarn Thing podcast, along with designing, video tutorials, writing books, etc.  She along with Edie Eckman were so kind and patient with everyone in the class. As there are some students that are more advanced than others and no matter how many times one would ask for help they never lost their patience.  Truly wonderful women!  I would recommend taking any of their classes if you attend a Stitches event.


Now to the marketplace! Can you say sensory overload! That is exactly what it was but it was still a blast!  I have some pictures of my Stitches haul here that I wanted to share.  First up are some stitch markers from The Vintage Rose that can be used for knitting or crochet depending on if it is a jump ring or lobster claw holding your stitch.  They are super cute, with different themes and you can get a tin box to place them all in.

Stitch Markers



I also picked up some project bags.  This was what I was really excited about getting.  I have heard so much about Erin.Lane bags from Marly Bird’s Yarn Thing podcast. All three are Erin.Lane bags with the exception of the Hello Kitty bag and that is by Front Range Bags.  This particular bag will sit up on its own while the others are sack lane.  I love all of them!

Project Bag 1



Picked up some beautiful yarn from WEBS along with a pattern!

Valley Yarns



Some books I have been wanting to get.  The Crochet for Barbie by Nicky Epstein and a collection of knit stitches written in Japanese but the charts are written with the standard symbols.  I couldn’t find a link for the Japanese stitch book but some can be found on Amazon.



So there you have it! My Stitches experience and I while I did attend by myself as I am the only one in my family that crochet/knits I did meet some wonderful women there and I plan on attending next year as well!


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