Finally Finished: Myrna Cardigan

Well I have finally finished my Myrna Cardigan and I must say that this was truly the most challenging crafty project I have undertaken thus far.  This is in part because I am a novice knitter and I may have bitten off more than I could chew but after that realization was made about halfway through the project; I was determined to see it through.  The yarn used was Lion Brand Heartland in Redwood.  This pattern was from the very talented Andi Satterlund.  She has a vintage vibe to her patterns and she is just adorable to me.  She also has an awesome blog called Untangling Knots.  I picked out some pearl buttons with a silver back because they looked vintage to me. When I sewed the buttons on the last one on the ribbing was wonky and I am not sure why but it must be the way I worked the ribbing because I was struggling a bit with that.

Considering that this is my first knitted garment. I think I did a fairly good job!  Now on to the next project…..

Myrna Front 2

Myrna Back


Myrna Wonky Button


  1. Kate says:

    I’m also attempting the Myrna as my first knit cardigan. Heck, it’s my first knit anything since childhood! Ironically I’ve picked the exact same yarn and shade as you have and I’m heartened by how gorgeous yours looks 🙂

    My keyhole in the back is looking a little dodgy but I hope I can rectify that during the edging.

    • One Crafty Dame says:

      Awww thank you! You are too kind! I think you will enjoy working with this yarn. My first attempt was with the keyhole and I thought it looked a little “weird” as I didn’t have any type of reference being my first knit sweater. In hindsight I think once the edging of the keyhole was done it would have taken shape, so I think you will be ok! 🙂

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