Fall is here!! But wait it’s still 80 degrees outside….

Ok, so Fall officially started September 23 and I wanted to share what I do to get into season when you look and go outside and it still feels like summer.  Here in Texas the weather has cooled from the usual 100° to 80º and sometimes even warmer that!   That makes it hard for me (at times to get into the season).  Sure some of the leaves on the trees are changing and the stores are putting out “Autumn décor” for your home but I still can’t wear my sweaters, boots and scarves like I want to unless I want to suffer from heat exhaustion!  So, until I can break those items out of my closet I do simple, inexpensive things around the house to “get into the spirit” of things. It doesn’t really start to cool down here like I want until November and sometimes a little later.

Here are some ideas that you can do around the house that won’t break the bank:


1.  Figurines with a Fall theme


IMG_0216    IMG_0217


I received this one as gift from coworker 10 years ago.  The name of the figurine is “Autumn” and she does represent it with the color of her dress and basket of apples and grapes (or maybe they are oranges…lol).  On the bottom is the website and description of said figurine but I could not find the exact one.  However, if you go  the Home Interiors website there are some items they are selling that have the Fall theme.


2.  Household items

You can easily pick up kitchen towels, pot holders and oven mitts with the Fall them.  Walmart has seasonal items you can choose for your kitchen.  I couldn’t find any on their website to provide a link but they do have them in the store if you look where they sell pot holders and oven mits.  I picked these up at Walmart last year and they were $3-$5.

3.  Apples

I found these McIntosh apples being sold in a little white bag at Walmart.  I hadn’t plan on buying apples but they were the most prefect little apples I had seen in a long time! Plus, they had a pretty shine to them and they fit in the palm of your hand!  I placed them in a decorated ceramic bowl I had (I think I bought at Big Lots years ago).  I did forget how tart McIntosh apples can be! You can try Gala apples for a sweeter flavor.



4.  Pumpkins

Nothing says fall like pumpkins.  I haven’t bought any real ones yet but I did find these decorated pumpkins at Walmart (can you tell that I spend alot of time there?) and they were only a dollar or two for the set of four.



5.  Scarecrows

I found the bigger and medium ones at Michaels and the smaller ones at Walmart. They cost me $1-$6 (varies by size, smaller ones were less expensive).  These are placed in the front of the house.  The flag I found at Family Dollar for $2




Hopefully, this will give you some ideas of what you can do around the house to get into the season without paying an arm and a leg.  Especially if you live in a warmer climate. What are some decorations that you place around the house? Please share your ideas! 🙂


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