Finished: 9 to 5 Shrug

9 to 5 Shrug

9 to 5 Shrug


Finally! I finished the 9 to 5 Shrug.  It is an easy pattern to follow and quick to make too.  When I finished it  I realized that I didn’t correctly decrease the stitches on the right sleeve so it didn’t have the nice tapered look as the left sleeve.  I went ahead and blocked it and figured that I could just pin it underneath the armpit area to tighten it, but the more I sat on this idea and looked at my piece while it was blocking the more I got frustrated with it.  So, after returning home from work I reached for the scissors and cut (that was a first, I assure you but my ends were already woven in!) out the mistake.  I then joined new yarn to the row where I made my  mistake, recrocheted (is that really a word?)  the decreases and it turned out wonderfully! 🙂


The take away from this story is: if you make a mistake while crocheting, don’t weave in the ends and think that you can “rig it” to fit correctly.  It is best to just “rip” out the area until you get to the row where the mistake was made.  Spending hours on a garment and being too lazy to correct a known mistake is just not right and doesn’t do your garment any justice to have to place a pin here and there!  LOL!


A note on the yarn…I did use Caron Simply Soft in Orange and while I love working with this yarn it can be difficult to work with as I have noticed that it splits rather easily.  Also, for some reason this particular color was shedding a lot on my dress and I have never had that problem before as I have used this yarn a lot in the past.


I did add some buttons to it.  I found the cutest little owl buttons at Wal-Mart and I do really like owls as you can see by the necklace I am wearing as well.



Photobombed by the Scarecrow!

Photobombed by the Scarecrow!



My two owls



The back



The entire look put together


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